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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Who needs IACUC approval?

All faculty, staff, and students using vertebrate animals or their tissues, regardless of location or funding, must obtain approval from the IACUC before funds can be released, or teaching laboratories or experiments begun. Requests for approval must be submitted using the University of Florida Animal Approval form. Most, but not all, granting agencies allow one to apply for a grant after the Animal Approval Form has been submitted but before it has been approved. In this instance, the researcher should indicate to the sponsor that the IACUC approval is "pending." It is the responsibility of the investigators to know the requirements for aparticular agency . In general, the IACUC review and approval process takes four to six weeks.

IACUC meetings are open to researchers and the public. The IACUC reports to the Vice President for Research. For more information on IACUC, refer to the Researcher Handbook (on Research and Graduate Programs Website).

CLAS Representatives on IACUC

Donald J. Stehouwer (Psychology), Vice-Chair IACUC
Doug Levey (Zoology)

Links to IACUC

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee homepage
IACUC forms

ACS Animal Care Per Diem

Please review the fee schedule posted on the ACS web site.

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