Wei Pan has been named as a winner of the Presidential Early Career Award.

Above: Wei Pan has been
named as a winner of the Presidential Early Career Award.

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Wei Pan

Head of the CLAS

Dr. Wei Pan, a long time collaborator with the National High Magnetic Field’s High B/T facility in the Microkelvin Laboratory at UF and frequent visitor to the Department of Physics has been
named as a winner of the Presidential Early Career Award. Wei Pan was one of eight recipients named by the Department of Energy for this year’s awards. He was cited for leadership in
the field of experimental many-particle physics, especially non-Abelian states in ultra-clean two-dimensional systems; and for broad scientific
community outreach activities and leadership.

Dr. Wei Pan received his Ph.D. from Princeton University, and is a Principal member of the Technical Staff in the Physical, Chemical and Nano Sciences center at Sandia National laboratory where he leads Sandia’s DOE basic Energy Sciences project on quantum electronic phenomena and Structures. He is the principal investigator for laboratory Directed Research and Development projects on Bloch oscillations and silicon nanocrystals.

His research at the University of Florida Microkelvin Laboratory with Jian-sheng Xia and his co-workers led to the discovery of novel quantum Hall states in two-dimensional electron systems (2DES), and the first observation of precisely quantized Hall plateau at the Landau filling level n=5/2, which unequivocally established for the first time that this even-denominator state is a true fractional quantum Hall liquid. The interest in this state is that it is believed to be non-Abelian and exchange of quasi-particle excitations can change the many-body wave-function, depending on the order of the exchange -- a state of matter not previously observed, and of great interest for topological quantum computation.

Wei Pan has served as a member of the External Users Advisory Committee and Research Program Committee for the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory from 2005.



Pam Marlin


Courtesy Wei Pan; background by Tanakawho, Flickr.

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