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How studying humanities can help you get a job

"In particular, the humanities teach the skills needed for applying for jobs. These skills are specific to the task of getting hired, and can be distinct from the skills you need to actually perform a job successfully."

Ilana Gershon and Noah Berlasky,, The Week, November 18, 2017

Making the Case for Liberal Arts Colleges

“Richard A. Detweiler believes he has evidence -- quantifiable evidence -- that attending a liberal arts college is likely to yield numerous positive results in graduates' lifetimes, including but not limited to career and financial success.”

Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, January 9, 2017

Nicole Head: Why we need students with liberal studies degrees

“Indisputably, some of the most effective solutions to social problems of our age come from thinkers educated in liberal studies programs, because these people have the ability to holistically analyze multifaceted problems and understand the big-picture implications on humanity and relationships. ”

Nicole Head, The Dallas Morning News, March 24, 2016

That "Useless" Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech's Hottest Ticket

"Being able to read the room is such a crucial skill, adds Phunware sales executive Mike Snavely, that he's willing to hire people who don't know much about technology if they have a gift for relating to other people."

George Anders,, Forbes, August 17, 2015

UF alum headed to England after receiving Gates Cambridge Scholarship

“The University of Florida gave me tremendous opportunities, without which I would not be where I am today,”

Yevgen Sautin, UF alum

Choose Your Own Educational Pathways

“[T]he myth of the unemployed humanities major is just that: a myth, and an easily disproven one at that.”

The Myth of the Unemployed Humanities Major, November 11, 2015

Acquiring Broad Knowledge

“Eighty percent of employers agree that, regardless of their major, every college student should acquire broad knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences.”

- It Takes More Than A Major: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success, April 2013


“It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough. That it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our hearts sing.”

- Steven P. Jobs, iPad 2 Event, 2nd March 2011

STEM: Good Jobs Now and For the Future

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics workers play a key role in the sustained growth and stability of the U.S. economy, and are a critical component to helping the U.S. win the future.

- STEM: Good Jobs Now and For the Future

Ten Important Reasons to Include the Humanities in Your Preparation for a Scientific Career

In a significant measure, the diploma we receive at graduation defines and symbolizes who we are and what we are qualified to do. But its true value is derived from what we have put into our head and our heart. A broad knowledge that includes the essentials of the humanities is an important complement to our scientific training.

- Dan Albert, AAAS

Want Innovative Thinking? Hire from the Humanities

You can hire liberal arts graduates yourself, or you can pay through the nose for big consulting firms to hire them to do the thinking for you.

- Tony Golsby-Smith, Harvard Business Review

Your College Major May Not Be As Important As You Think

In recent years, research into the importance of choice of major has led to a surprising conclusion: its really not all that important.

- Zac Bissonnette, The New York Times

The Top 5 Skills/Qualities Employers Seek

  1. Verbal Communication Skills
  2. Strong Work Ethic
  3. Teamwork Skills
  4. Analytical Skills
  5. Initiative

Source: Job Outlook 2011, National Association of Colleges and Employers.

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