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About the Major

Geography majors learn about the Earth's physical environment, including climate. Students learn to understand social, cultural, economic and environmental concepts from a spatial perspective. Students learn techniques such as geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, aerial photo interpretation, database handling, and computer-based cartography to assist in regional planning, map production, and environmental assessment.

Our graduates have gone on to become...

Possible Careers for this Major

Prehealth & Prelaw
Any CLAS major may prepare you for admission to professional schools such as medical school, vet school, law school, etc.

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  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Marketer
  • Military Analyst
  • Researcher
  • Transportation Manager
  • Urban and Regional Planner
  • Writer
  • Business Administrator
  • Business Geographer
  • Cartographer
  • Climatologist
  • Environmental Management
  • Financial Analyst
  • Geographic Information Systems Specialist
Cool Courses You Might Take
Some Unique Opportunities in this Major
  • Environmental Geosciences: A joint degree with Geological Sciences for those interested in land and water aspects of the environment.
  • Geography has the most weather and climate courses of any major on campus.
  • The department has two computer laboratories available for use by all majors when classes are not in session
  • The department has an undergraduate lounge, a Geography Student Organization, and a chapter of GTU (Gamma Theta Upsilon), the Geography Honor Society
  • The department has 3 medical geographers on staff, giving pre-health students a new and different major to consider
  • A variety of internships are available each semester
  • For more opportunities, please refer to the department website
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