March 2006 CLASnotes
In This Issue:
Peter Posada studies abroad in Cuba and learns that we aren't so different after all.
Rover's No Rocket Scientist
Clive Wynne looks inside the mind of "man's best friend.
An Exchange of Cultures
The UF in Merida program brings scholars and students together.
Superheroes of Regeneration
Can scientists harness the salamander's healing power?
From Deforestation to Reforestation
Pinki Mondal finds that creating preserves to establish biodiversity is working.
The Depths of Space
Astronomy professor Steve Eikenberry always wanted to be a scientist; now he mentors students with the same dream.
Campus Views
Institute of Justice Recognizes Sociology and Criminology & Law Professor; Back to the Delta: Ongoing Documentation of the Civil Rights Movement; Reaching Out and Growing Up: New Directors Set the Pace; Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur for Carol Murphy
The Gator Nation is Everywhere
UF Alumnus spreads Gator spirit across the globe.
Giant snake stalks Colombian coal mine (60 million years ago)

Above: Clive Wynne looks inside the mind of "man's best friend.

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