March 2006 CLASnotes
In This Issue:
Todd Barry: The up-and-coming comedian, actor, and writer answers a few questions.
Remains of the largest snake ever found suggest tropics were hotter in the past.
Predicting the Invasion
Study shows when invasive species will travel by air.
Flavors for Conservation
Which Amazon fruits will catch on next?
Reaching Out
The people of CLAS know that every little bit helps.
UF Teach
A new program may have the answer to Florida's math and science teacher shortage.
Winning the Fight Against Malaria
Grant funds development of modeling tools for malaria elimination.
Campus Views
Campaign 2008: Presidential Inauguration Seminar Series; Smocovitis Wishes Darwin Happy Birthday; Marjory Stoneman Douglas; Haitian Creole Express; Latina Activists across Borders; A Place to Be
Updates from CLASmates
News correspondent, public servant, lawyer, teacher—are just a few of the remarkable careers our alumni lead.
Alumni Bookshelf
From mysteries, both fiction and real, to analysis of library performance, the latest books by CLAS alumni are sure to thrill.
Giant snake stalks Colombian coal mine (60 million years ago)

Above: CLAS scientists use the remains of largest snake ever found to estimate the climate 60 million years ago. Photo by Timothy K. Hamilton.

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